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Have you heard? Bodi Meat Gloves make shredding meat EASY!

What if we told you that you didn't need utensils to shred hot meat? All you need is a pair of Bodi Meat Claw Gloves to get the job done! These gloves allow you to handle hot meat without burning your hands.

Wow! What will they think of next?! Our gloves are great for bringing hot meat from the grill into the house, shredding roasts, and even catching hot food. Amazing!


  • High-quality, strong, made-to-last material
  • Unique bear paw shape allows you to handle hot food without burning your hands
  • Great for turning meat during grilling, able to catch meat that might be slipping off the grill, can turn a roast back and forth without harming your hands
  • Amazing tool to keep in the kitchen or by the grill. Perfect for BBQ parties
  • Claw gloves allow you to shred roasted pork or beef in minutes
  • Shreds cooked poultry, too!
  • Use to toss or mix various salads
  • Very easy to use, wash, and store